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Family Trust

Family Trust Deed - over 18,000 sold
Family Trust Updates - change Appointors & Trustees, Bamford streaming, definition of 'Income' & tax laws
Family Trust Distribution Statements - annual minutes
Forgive Family Trusts' UPEs - human forgives money the Family Trust owes (UPEs & loans)
Deed of Gift
Division 7A Loan Deedcompany lends trust money to Family Trust (UPEs & loans)
Family Trust Vesting Deed - wind up your old Family Trust
Family Trust Training Course - includes the Family Trust Deed

Unit Trust

Unit Trust - with pre-emptive rights
Unit Trust Vesting Deed
Unit Trust - Fixed for NSW - signed off by Office of State Revenue
Unit Trust - Vary Deed for NSW Land - signed off by Office of State Revenue
Unitholders Agreement - protect yourself from litigation

Bare & Secret Trusts

Bare Trusts - 'Death Bed Declaration', 'Secretly buy' & 'Hide assets you own'; no Stamp Duty and no CGT.

Free document

Statutory Declaration


Family Trusts

Update the Family Trust for Bamford streaming only:

legal consolidated

Or, update Bamford streaming PLUS update the rest of the Deed:

Instead, update for Bamford streaming PLUS the Deed PLUS update the Appointor & Trustee:

Or just update the Trustee below:

Or just update the Appointor below:

Set up a new Family Trust Deed:

Prepare the Annual Trust Distribution Minutes:

Deal with Division 7A (loan or UPE from your company to the Family Trust):

Or, to forgive the 'loan account' and UPEs (loans from humans to Family Trust):

Change the name of your Family Trust:

To wind up and vest the Family Trust, when you no longer want it: